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      1. CN
        About Taifeng

        Zhengtai year abundant, top quality. Taifeng foods, we are young!

        about us

        about us

        Chairman Speech

         "Honesty is the only Way, and a company cannot survive without credit." As a food enterprise, Taifeng has always been sticking to the development idea that one should have quality for survival, honesty for customers, technology for development and innovation for brand.
        With 15 years of trials and hardships, Taifeng has been keeping expectations of the harvest, working and sweating passionately and ambitiously in pursuit of success. Finally Taifeng lived up to the expectations and more than 5000 shiny days has witnessed the glory made by Taifeng.
        Looking forward to the future, we find both opportunities and challenges. The mission of development constantly inspires us to move forward. We believe that with the joint efforts of all the employees of the company, Taifeng will be better tomorrow!