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      1. CN
        About Taifeng

        Zhengtai year abundant, top quality. Taifeng foods, we are young!

        about us

        about us

        • Company aim
          Integrity, self-improvement, innovation, breakthrough.
        • purpose of operation
          For the benefit of the staff, to contribute to the society, to increase the income of farmers.
        • management idea; operation principle; operation ph...
          Rational cooperation, good faith management, regard quality as life, customer eternal.
        • strategic target
          Refined and rough processing, the development of deep processing, based on Asia, global radiation.
        • Corporate Value

          People foremost, rewards and punishments;To commend the achievements and strive for progress;

          Happiness in mind and body, reputation first;Lead by example and contribute to society.

        • Do by reference

          Specification,standardization, process, paper - oriented, institutionalization