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      1. CN
        About Taifeng

        Zhengtai year abundant, top quality. Taifeng foods, we are young!

        about us

        about us


        • Feb.25th 2002

          The company was registered in taiping village, laicheng industrial zone, laiwu city.

        • In March 2002?

          The first container was loaded and shipped to Malaysia.

        • In November 2007

          To achieve the export of $10 million, enter the export of more than ten million dollar companies.

        • In December 2007.

          The goal of exporting 10,000 tons of garlic was achieved throughout the year, and the breakthrough of single product from 0 to 1 was realized.

        • In August 2009

          Realize the export of raw ginger 10,000 tons, and once again realize the breakthrough from 0 to 1.

        • In August 2009

          • The export of garlic is 40,000 tons.

        • In November 2014

          To achieve export revenue of 100 million us dollars, smoothly into the export of billion dollar club.

        • In March 2015

          Modern sushi ginger slice intensive processing plant is officially put into production.

        • In October 2016

          Complete garlic export 60 thousand tons, ginger export 40,000 tons of target.

        • In July 2016

          The second advanced sushi jiang slice intensive processing plant is officially put into production.

        • On January 1, 2017

          Establish import department, import fruit flagship store opening.