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      1. CN
        About Taifeng

        Zhengtai year abundant, top quality. Taifeng foods, we are young!

        about us

        about us


        Laiwu Taifeng Foods Co., LTD is a updated comprehensive agricultural products processing and exporting enterprises that have the right of importing and exporting, and it gather the base plating, acquisition, cold storage ,deep processing and international trade to the company. The enterprise main products are four series of keep fresh ,pickled dehydrated and frozen ,and there are hundred of high quality agriculture and sideline products covers ginger, garlic ,fruit, potato, sushi ginger etc. The company regard the quality as life, aim to create the best product in the world, and expand the sales market to the Europe, America, Middle East, southeast Asia and more than 100 countries and regions .In the past many years ,the company win the customers wide recognition by the well-deserved reputation and good product quality. Meanwhile we were awarded" the Shandong province agriculture industrialization key leading enterprise", "customs AEO certification enterprise", "the inspection of AA class enterprise", "excellent science and technology innovation enterprise", "outstanding contribution of foreign trade enterprise", "China quality credit enterprise" and other honorary titles .The company is the 63rd in the Shandong province Foreign trade export top 100 enterprises ,the 19th in the China agriculture product export top 100 enterprises, the “apple exports the 3rd in the nation", "garlic exports the 4th in the nation "has come true.

        Adhering to the concept of integrity management, achieved a double harvest of reputation and efficiency.

        For many years, the company has been adhering to the good faith management idea, for six consecutive years though "FDA" and "GAP", "HACCP", "the BRC", "IFS", "HALAL" and "KOSHER" quality security systemcontinuously, on this basis , realize the benefits of sustained growth.In 2017, the company realized export earnings of $195 million,  increase 8.5% over the same period.By the end of 2018, the company is expected to achieve export earnings of  $220 million, with a year-on-year growth of about 10%.

        Consolidate infrastructure ,further development

        In order to adapt to the demand of ginger manufacturing technique, assure stable qualified products, improve the production efficiency, company invested more than 40million RMB transformation to the old factory, transform construction area around 10000 square meters .Bring in full set of imported equipment with high automation of sushi ginger production, built a most advanced technology workshop in china ,also a most comfortable apartment for staffs, only for producing the best quality sushi ginger products, Occupy the high-end international markets with excellent quality.

        In the aspect of science and technology innovation, the enterprise, based on agricultural industrialization development, in order to lead the industry development trend of science and technology and promote innovation drive industrial upgrading as well as improve product technology content, has set up the mechanism of Industry-University-Research and has continuously been pushing forward the technology cooperation with universities such Sichuan Food Fermentation Industry Research and Design Institute and Shandong Agricultural University. The enterprise has also reached an agreement with Shandong Agricultural University on sending graduate students, doctoral students into the enterprise for product research and development as well as technology upgrading, which improves the comprehensive level of our agricultural product technology in the research and development in our field. In addition, the enterprise has invested 10 million yuan to set up ginger planting and deep processing technology .We have also introduced a number of advanced high-end automatic production and test apparatus along with detection device. With the help of this R&D platform, our enterprise would take the advantage of the great technology of Sichuan Food Fermentation Industry Research and Design Institute and make great efforts to develop new technology for the  production of high-valued sushi ginger slices. We have applied for 21 patents, which has improved our enterprise's core competitiveness. We will strive to make our enterprise an agricultural product intensive and deep processing enterprise with self-dependent innovation, advanced technology and a certain scale.

        Active to expand the importing market, and drive export growth in all aspect.

        In terms of international exports, the company decided to take the road that using import channels to develop , it will import suppliers into our export customers, so as to achieve to promote export benefit, import and export of our customers to establish mutually beneficial and win-win, long-term and lasting relationship.

        • 16000
          Cold storage area 16000㎡
        • 90000
          The base area is 90,000 mu.
        • 100
          Export more than 100 countries and regions.