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        Tai Feng Information

        Refined and rough processing, the development of deep processing, based on Asia, global radiation.

        Taifeng News

        Taifeng News

        Latest News
        Laiwu Taifeng Food Co., Ltd., "LWSTAR" brand Sushi Ginger, won the 2018 Spanish international food and Drink Exhibition Gold Award.

            On April 16, 2018 -19 April 16, 2018, at the 2018 Spanish international food and Beverage Fair held in Barcelona, Spain, Laiwu Taifeng Food Co., Ltd. "LWSTAR" brand Sushi Ginger was awarded the gold medal of this exhibition.

            Our company's "LWSTAR" brand Sushi Ginger tablets, with unique processing technology and taste, have been fully recognized and agreed by the participants. During the exhibition, the company received more than 60 professional customers and reached 10 customers.

            By taking part in the exhibition, it has played a positive role in promoting the EU agricultural market, especially the EU's high-end agricultural market, to improve the corporate image of the company and the brand influence of "LWSTAR".