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        Tai Feng Information

        Refined and rough processing, the development of deep processing, based on Asia, global radiation.

        Taifeng News

        Taifeng News

        Latest News
        Warmly welcome Indonesian guests to visit our company

        On November 13, HOTMAN FAJAR SIMANJUNTAK, head of the ministry of agriculture of Indonesia and ANTONIUS ANDIYANTO TARA, President of the garlic association of Indonesia visited our company.

        Head of HOTMAN FAJAR SIMANJUNTAK and chairman ANTONIUS ANDIYANTO TARA first visited our garlic base and production processing plant. President XU SHU JIAN of our company introduced the garlic export business situation and future development trend in recent years and answered the questions raised by them one by one.

        Subsequently, the two sides conducted friendly exchanges on garlic quota, garlic export related issues and related certification procedures and standards of GLOBAL GAP.