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        Tai Feng Information

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        Taifeng News

        Taifeng News

        Latest News
        The First Sports Competition of Taifeng Foods

        For the purpose of building corporate cohesion and enriching employees’ leisure lives, ‘The First Sports Competition of Taifeng Foods’ was successfully held in staff club of Taifeng headquarters on 5th of September 2020.


        The competition was participated by 12 teams and 72 employees, comprised of three fun games, namely ‘hula Hoop’, ‘Shuttlecock Kicking’ and ‘Rope Skipping on Shiatsu Mat’. The day was permeated with lively atmosphere. Participants worked collectively and strove for the first place. All viewers were in high spirits, cheering for the participants.




        While providing a panel for ‘Joyful and Healthy Sports’, this activity offered a chance for our staff to learn about the fun and excitement of sports and further enhanced corporate cohesiveness. We believe everyone of us will be better motivated to do our best after the competition.