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        Taifeng News

        Taifeng News

        Latest News
        Dedication of Love, Realization of Dreams, Tai Feng Walks with You" Student Grant Award Ceremony ended successfully

        On the morning of September 7, Laiwu Taifeng Foods Co., Ltd. and Laiwu District Women's Federation jointly sponsored the grant issuing ceremony of "Dedication of Love, Realization of Dreams, Tai Feng Walks With You" at Fengcheng High School in Laiwu.The main leaders participating in the ceremony were Wang Hongju, professor of psychology at Shandong Agricultural University, Ding Xufeng, the director of Laiwu District Education and Sports Bureau, Liu Baoju, the chairman of Laiwu District Women’s Federation, Wang Junxiang,  the president of Fengcheng High School, and Xu Xiao, the general manager of Laiwu Taifeng Foods Co., Ltd.At the same time, the related staff of Laiwu District Women's Federation, District Education and Sports Bureau, Fengcheng High School, Laiwu Taifeng Foods Co., Ltd. , and more than 300 university freshmen and some parents in Laiwu District also participated in the ceremony.



        At the ceremony, Taifeng Food granted 3,000 yuan and a trolley box to each of the 24 students.


        Xu Xiao, the general manager of Taifeng foods, said, 'In order to repay the society, cultivate talented people for our district, and help poor students who are morally and academically excellent realize their university dream, the company will take education support as a long-term investment project. We will insist on providing support in time to younger generations for achieving their dreams and offering families in difficulties opportunities to get out of poverty. At the same time, we sincerely hope that the new college students can study hard and strive to become excellent people after entering the university, so as to serve the mothernation and build hometown in the future’.