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        Tai Feng Information

        Refined and rough processing, the development of deep processing, based on Asia, global radiation.

        Taifeng News

        Taifeng News

        Latest News
        Reform "heart" to promote development, and win the future with "heart" Warmly celebrate the grand opening of the 2021 annual meeting of Laiwu Taifeng Food Co., Ltd.

        On December 31, 2021, Laiwu Taifeng Food Co., Ltd. 2021 year-end event was grandly held in Longyuan Hotel, Laiwu District.



        The conference held a commendation and award ceremony to commend and encourage departments and individuals who have achieved outstanding results in 2021.


        Finally, Chairman Xu Shujian summarized the work in 2021 and deployed the work direction in 2022. In 2022, the company will examine the new market changes with a new vision, seek truth and be pragmatic, open up a new situation for corporate development. The company will continue to realize the leap and create great glories.


        In the afternoon, the wonderful interactive games and cultural performances won endless applause and laughter from the audience.




        The lucky draw at the dinner was even more exciting. After the dinner everyone was happy with prizes, we greet the new year's arrival together.