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      1. CN
        Quality Tracing

        Excellent quality assurance, natural green source persistence.

        Quality tracing

        Quality tracing

        Quality Certification

        The enterprise continuously improves the construction of the quality system, the internal quality management department, the quality inspection organization, the professional personnel and the product testing equipment, and has the advanced quality inspection means.From the workshop, the team to the company, from raw materials into the factory, the production process to finished products each link in the whole process of quality control, quality responsibility is decomposed into each link of quality shall be the intermediate control analysis, set up quality control points in the key working procedure, quality inspection personnel to strictly the quality control points, the production process to ensure that product quality has always been in a controllable state, to ensure that every unit has the original authentic records, ensure the product quality improved steadily.

        Through our unremitting efforts, the company has passed the international quality safety system certification of "FDA", "GAP", "HACCP", "BRC", "IFS", "HALAL" and "KOSHER" for seven consecutive years.